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Cabro block machine, brick manufacturing factory investment budget solution

11 25,2017

QT4-18 is a new technology concrete brick plant from China Fuda brick machine factory(www.linyibrickmachine.com). QT4-18 full automatic control hydraulic system block production plant could produce concrete habiterra block, hollow block, CHB, cement solid block, interlocking block, maxi, cabro, paving brick, interlock paver, color face pavement, curb stone, kerb, houdi, roof tile block....by changing molds.

QT4-18 is multi-function good performance brick machine, this machine could produce high quality concrete blocks(strong vibration force, hydraulic press); But QT4-18 brick machine price is very reasonable, because our boss let us use this brick production machine to enlarge market and make our Fuda brand more famous.

1.Realize QT4-18 block machine:

a. QT4-18 Host brick machine technology information

QT4-18 block machine technical

b. Machines work with QT4-18 concrete block production line:


c. Some concrete block and cement bricks for your information:

concrete block, paving brick

Note: Brick and block could design by customers

QT4-18 automatic brick machine Production Capacity

interlocking brick

d. QT4-18 brick machinery close observation video:

e. QT4-18 automatic brick machine professional operation video show

2. QT4-18 block machine factory economy investment budget:

automatic brick machine

Total machine investment budget is about USD27000, this include cost you do 500pcs more wood pallet in your local place, include sea freight(Estimate Sea freight is 2000USD), import cost and duty. And also include 2 extra molds. Change reason of Total Investment Budget may: a. how many extra molds you choose. b. Real sea freight(need to load in a 40HQ container). c. Import duty of destination country

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Other things need to consider if you built a concrete brick production factory show as below:

concrete block factory investment solution

3. QT4-18 Brick production factory material and workers cycle show:

block production flow

4. QT4-18 High quality automatic brick making machine concrete foundation drawing:

brick machine foundation drawing

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