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Mixed habiterra block mold and combined paving brick mold

12 06,2017

Habiterra block mold, paving brick mold and hollow block mold could mixed and combined to produce molds.

Some time, customer want to produce many different shape and size habiterra blocks, solid block, hollow block, paving bricks. But they not need to produce so many those bricks or maybe because total molds price is high to produce those low demand bricks. Because of this reason, our factory supply all customer a solution: mixed brick molds or combined block molds.


1. Same height brick mold could do a mixed block mold, habiterra block usually choose mixed habiterra brick mold solution, because if you want to build a habiterra block house, you should produce at least 6 different concrete habiterra bricks and habiterra molds price is high, so choose combined habiterra block molds solution is the best choice.

2. Brick quantity per mold should let us easy find the power centric easily.

Let me show you combined habiterra block mold and concrete habiterra bricks:

habiterra block

Another type of mixed habiterra block mold and habiterra


Paving brick mold and concrete hollow block molds:

paving brick

Clay lego interlocking brick mixed mold show:

lego block