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Concrete brick raw material ratio for hollow block machine

01 19,2018

No matter small manual block machine, movable brick machine, hydraulic automatic block production line you use, cement ratio is similar. You can add cement ratio from 5%-12%. This according your other material quality and block quality you want.

Common raw material:

a. Cement, sand and small stone(stone powder)

1. 10% cement in weight, 45% sand and 45% stone(stone powder)

2. 10% cement in weight, 30% sand and 60% stone

Note: cement quantity you can adjust according your sand and stone quality. Usually from 5-12%. If stone powder

have big stickiness, you can add more sand and decrease cement.


Mixing dry material about 30s is better, then shower water little by little.

Below video will show you how many water need to add

You can also use fly ash, construction dustbin or other material as concrete hollow block raw material.

New video show you how much water and cement need to add in mixer

Brick machine expert answer:

Concrete brick raw material ratio for hollow block machine

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