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Habiterra block house anti earthquake

01 26,2018

Latest news of Alaska earthquake, At present, according to US Geological Survey website, the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred about 280 kilometers southeast of Kodiak in the city of Alaska has been revised from 8.2 to 7.9 and sounder depth of 25 km

This is recently news, after I saw this news, I think I should recommend a better concrete interlocking blocks to more and more people. Habiterra block, a good performance blocks, which could build house faster and it can anti earthquake, it will make our life more safe.

Now let me show you some photos of habiterra connection, then you will understand

Below is different design of habiterra blocks, if you want to build a house, you must choose a habiterra system, only one or two types of habiterra blocks can not build a house.

Now you see habiterra blocks and also see how different habiterra blocks connection, then you will see habitera block wall, every blocks will interlocking at up/down and horizontal. when earthquake, blocks could move at a very small space, it will durable, this will ensure habiterra blocks have the ability of anti earthquake function.

Now let me give you a video to explain to you how to use habiterra blocks build a house.

For more information about how to build house with habiterra bricks.


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