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How to check sensor and confirm brick machine sensor location

01 31,2018

When customer install automatic brick machine, first they need to check brick machine sensors work or not, then confirm sensor location exactly, then machine could work well. If not check sensor work or not first, I am sure you can not make machine works.

Now let me show you all sensors location and tell you which area of sensors located in.

Note: only automatic brick machine need sensors, and sensors only exist in following areas: Molding area, material feeder area and pallet feeder area.

Moulding area sensors location:

Function: Control head mold and mold box work

Material feeder area sensor location:

Function: control material trolley feeding material into mold box.

Pallet feeder area sensor location:

Function: control machine feeding pallet automatically

Below videos will show you how to check if automatic brick machine sensor work or not and also show you sensor location in brick machine

How to confirm QT4-18 automatic brick machine sensors location in block machine exactly?

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