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QT4-24B Semi Automatic Concrete Hollow Block Production Machine

QT4-24B block plant could produce hollow, solid block, interlocking paving bricks. This is smallest multi function concrete block, paving brick production line.

QT4-24B semi automatic concrete hollow block machine, paving brick production line

semi automatic block machine
Video link(Just click): http://www.giantlinmachinery.com/productshow-27-35-1.html

QT4-24B advantage profile:
1. QT4-24B is a multi-function semi automatic vibration concrete block production line
2. QT4-24B is a classical block machine, many many customers choose this machine.
It is durable,reliable and easy to use.
3. QT4-24B block machine is the best choice from medium size semi automatic brick machines.
From price, function, durable and popular....you have no more choice

QT4-24B semi automatic brick production line introduce:

A QT4-24B Host brick machine
a. Automatic block delivery system
b. Automatic material feeding system
B B belong to A,
It is QT4-24B brick machine controller
C 6m conveyor
D Mixer, Diameter: 1.2m, bigger power, 7.5KW
E Stacker, it could layer 4-5 pallets blocks
F Manual forklift trolley, tool box
Pallet 600-800 pcs is ok
Fiber pallet quality video link: https://youtu.be/a4jlNOkhIFQ
1. All QT4-24B block machines need to load into a 20GP container.
2. QT4-24B block production total need 3 workers; 1 for mixer,1 for block production,1 for block delivery
3. Raw material proportion for your reference:
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand, 60% small stones
b. 10% cement, 90% stone powder
c. 10% cement, 30% fly ash, 60% stone powder
4. Water proportion: https://youtu.be/lO6DOabkBYE

QT4-24B block factory all items investment information solution:

Total Power Consumption(A,B,C,D,E)
23.55 kw/h; 188.4 kw/8 hours
Max. Material Consumption Per 8 Hours
a. Concrete: 10% cement, 30% sand; 60% stone powder
b. 400-200-200mm; 2 holes hollow block
Water: about 1664 kgs
Cement: about 6115 kgs
Sand: about 18345 kgs
Stone powder: about 36692 kgs
Factory total size
At least 800 square meters
Workers 3-4 workers in factory
Main parts quality Motor: Shanbo brand (Chinese famous brand)
Inductor and Switch: CHNT
Warranty One year

QT4-24B Concrete brick plant technical information:

QT4-24B Host machine total power
Molding cycle
Vibration frequency
Vibration force
Semi automatic vibration forming
Host brick machine size
Net Weight
Pallet size
block machine motor

QT4-24B concrete block production line production capacity:

Block type Size and Production Capacity
Block photo
Hollow block 400-200-200mm
4 pcs/mold
4800 pcs/8 hours

Holland block 200-100-60mm
12 pcs/mold
14400 pcs/8 hours

Zig Zag brick 225-112.5-60mm
10 pcs/mold
12000 pcs/8 hours

I shape paver 200-160-60mm
12 pcs /mold
14400 pcs/8 hours
hollow brick

Block and Paving Brick Design for your reference:

concrete block

For more detailed QT4-24B automatic brick production line real photo:

concrete brick machine factory

Feedback from customer who visit factory and check his machine:


brick machine factory.
Video link about customer feedback: https://youtu.be/kMoHBhlQwc4

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