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Plastic fiber pallet, GMT pallet for brick machine

Fiber pallet is more and more popular as its own products advantage. Choose fiber pallet, in long term, it is save money, decrease problems. Fiber GMT pallet for concrete brick machine is the only recommendation pallet.

Plastic fiber pallet, GMT pallet for brick machine

First of all, see a fiber pallet destructive test, check GMT fiber pallet quality!

Seeing is believing.

1、Light Weight
The weight of fiber pallet is comparable with bamboo plywood. The QT4-24 brick machine use pallet with 850*550,

bamboo plywood with 25mm thick, GMT pallet and PVC pallet with 20mm thick. For its weight , see the following table:

Fiber pallet
11.2 kgs
PVC pallet
15.9 kgs
Bamboo pallet
10.5 kgs

2、High Impact Resistant
Impact strength of PVC plate is less than or equal to 15KJ/m2, fiber pallet is greater than or equal to 30KJ/m2, comparing the impact strength under the same conditions.
Drop hammer experiment in the same hight shows that: when fiber pallet slightly cracked, PVC plate has been breakdown by drop hammer. ( See upper video )

3、Good Rigidity
Fiber plate elastic modulus 2.0-4.0GPa, PVC sheets elastic modulus 2.0-2.9GPa. The following diagram: fiber plate bending effect compared with the PVC plate under the same stress conditions.
4、Not Easily Deformed
The diagram below: PVC plate is deformed and warp, fiber GMT pallet is smooth and not easily deformed.
Water absorption rate <1%, comparison of GMT pallet and bamboo plywood after water soaking.
Surface hardness shore: 76D. 100 minutes vibration with materials and pressure. Brick machine screw off, pallet is not destructed, surface wear is about 0.5mm.
7、Anti-high And Low Temperature
Being used at below 20 degrees, GMT fiber pallet won't defame or crack. But PVC plate is easy to break below 0 degree. In winter, PVC breakage rate double increase, especially the PVC pallet with high calcium carbonate content is more easily damaged.
GMT pallet is able to withstand high temperature of 60-90℃, won't easily deform, and suitable for steam curing, but PVC plate is easy to deform at high temperature of 60 degree.
8、Corrosion Resistance
Resistant to most acid-base salt, no damage under strong acid.
9、Long Service Life
Theoretically, it can be used more than 8 years.
Annual breakage rate: Bamboo plywood is about 50%, PVC pallet is about 15%. fiber pallet <1%.
Take a QT4-24 brick machine, 2000 plates for example to calculate: the annual cost=the number of pallet*unit price*the annual breakage rate.

Fiber pallet for concrete brick machine production flow in factory

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Plastic fiber pallet, GMT pallet for brick machine

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